BankING, finance, CApital markets and insurance

Banking and financial transactions are often very complex, demand the right structure and quite frequently knowledge of foreign law. Clients need a lawyer with substantial knowledge of local law who can also easily find his way in international standards and arrange a legal advice of international lawyers if needed.

Banking, finance, capital markets and derivatives are the core areas of SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS.

We deliver comprehensive and highly professional legal advice derived from Slovak law, EU law, Slovak as well as the international customs and standards of various organisations, such as LMA, ISDA, ISMA.

We are capable to give you comprehensive advice in banking, finance, capital markets and insurance, in particular we will:

  • advise on the best financing structure;
  • prepare or review transaction documents (such as bilateral/syndicated facility agreement, security agreements, leasing agreements, financial instruments trading agreements, ISDA, ISMA, issue terms, prospectus);
  • help you negotiate transaction documents;
  • advise in fulfilment of criteria for extension of a loan;
  • run a due diligence related to legal risks and responsibility issues;
  • advise in collection of debts;
  • represent you in debt restructuring process;
  • act on your behalf in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
  • advise on insurance solution in connection with your financing;
  • represent you in a dispute concerning insurance payments.

In addition to transactional legal advice, we represent our clients in litigations and arbitrations related to banking, finance, capital markets and derivatives.



Advising an energy company on a EUR 185 million syndicated financing and refinancing.

Advising a developer on a EUR 130 million syndicated refinancing project for a major hotel complex.

Advising a bank on a EUR 25 million bilateral financing project for plant construction.