Criminal law

It is very serious when a conduct is qualified as a criminal offence and is followed by an investigation and indictment. In criminal procedures, the power of the state and its agencies exercises its full weight. In such situation, the client usually needs to be sure of his/her rights and needs advice on when he/she should seek agreement on guilt and punishment and when should take up defence in criminal proceedings.

Due to the recent introduction of corporate criminal liability in Slovakia, even companies and other legal persons can now face criminal proceedings.

Criminal law is an important area of work for SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS.

We have experience with all stages of criminal proceedings and elements of crimes that our clients refer to us at the pre-trial or main trial stage. We also offer the requisite advice on questions that concern economic and property crimes.  In our review of our clients’ business transactions, we therefore also focus on introducing preventive pro-client measures.

As corporate criminal liability has recently been introduced into the Slovak legal system, we help our clients who are legal persons to implement preventive measures to avoid criminal liability, regardless of whether it arises from the actions of a company’s executive bodies or its employees.