Mgr. Natália Michalovová, LL.M.

Mgr. Natália Michalovová, LL.M.


Slovakia: +421 949 711 832

Italy: +39 351 559 18 13

"Behind every success it is a perfect readiness associated with the opportunity."

Natália deals with international business law as well as litigations including human rights in modern technologies, data security and Smart contracts. She has published e-book named “Internetovè šialenstvo“ - studies on data protection and other legal aspects concerning Artificial Intelligence, ePrivacy, GDPR, Big Data, freedom of information and taxation of the internet giants.

Natalia has studied abroad, at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where she gained experience and knowledge in international contractualization, the applicable law in business relations between Chinese business partners and entrepreneurs based in the European Union, dispute resolution between business partners based in different countries, prevention of "default events", protection of industrial property rights in China and the EU, protection of authors in the Internet world.

In March 2014, she was awarded “LL.M.” (Master of Law) degree in International Commercial Law by the Sapienza University of Rome. Here she successfully defended her rigorous thesis on "Abuse of International Tax Law", representing a detailed study of the evolution of the context of tax evasion in the field of international business, aspects of abuse of tax standards in the field of international business, orientation of national courts in tax evasion and abuse of tax standards disputes resolution (case studies: Google, Enron, Ryanair, Starbucks and Apple).

Between 2015 and 2016, she cooperated with Italian attorneys in bank contracts and banking operations analysis. And in 2016 she graduated from the “Master in Banking Law and Anatocism” course in Milan, where she gained knowledge in the field of international banking law.

In 2017, she completed a training course in Rome for lawyers aimed at privacy and personal data protection, focusing on Data Protection and Data Breach in the enterprise and government, the right to forget and to personality rights protection on the Internet.

Natália deals mainly with commercial law, arbitration and litigation. She has experience and knowledge in the field of modern technology law, blockchain and artificial intelligence. He cooperates with Italian attorneys in cross-border commercial and litigation proceedings. She has valuable international experience in taxing the internet economy.

She publishes articles in Pravda newspaper, where she focuses mainly on issues of the protection of personality rights, personal and sensitive data in the digital world and taxation of the internet economy.




Univerzita P. J. Šafárika, Košice –  Mgr.
Univerzita Sapienza, Rím, Taliansko – “LL.M.” (Master of Law)
Centro Anomalie Bancarie, Miláno – “Master breve”





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