Private clients, probate and family law

In 21st century, family continues to be the main building unit of the society. The law regulates the personal and property relationships and rights between spouses, parents and children, as well as relationships in connection with inheritance. As a family Slovak law firm, we have a great respect for family and build the relationship with you on principles of trust. We are on your side also in your private life. You can rest assured that we will handle these matters with tact and confidence.

SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS delivers comprehensive family law services in out-of-court settlements, as well as in representing our clients at courts, and in particular, advising on:

  • divorce;
  • settlement of common property of spouses after divorce;
  • distribution of common property of spouses prior to dissolution of marriage;
  • settlement of joint apartment leased by spouses;
  • regulation of contact with children;
  • placing child into alternating custody;
  •  placing child into sole custody;
  • determination of maintenance payments;
  • determination of alimony payments, allowance for maintenance of divorced spouse;
  • adoptions;
  • international kidnapping of children;
  • recognition of foreign judgments in family matters.

In probate law, we are are capable to advise you prior to opening of probate proceedings, in the course of probate proceedings and in probate disputes, in particular with

  •  drafting of agreements between heirs;
  • legal consultations in drafting a last will and testament or a disinheritance deed;
  • legal representation in judicial proceeding concerning nullity of testator’s testament and nullity of disinheritance, inclusion of assets and liabilities into inheritance estate;
  • protection of legitimate heir;
  •  representation in probate disputes;
  • representation in probate proceedings before a notary as judicial commissioner.