Competition and public procurement

Competition law is one of the core practice areas of SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS. We have deep knowledge in all aspects of competition law, mainly with investigations into potential dominant position abuse, investigations of cartels, vertical agreements, dawn raids and mergers, both from the national and EU competition law perspective.

Our excellent command of this area and the many years of our experience in competition law are a advantage that we are ready to use for your benefit.

Our clients receive comprehensive competition law advice, in particular:

  •  reviewing competition aspects of agreements, contracts and other arrangements, both vertical and horizontal, including distribution and franchise;
  • reviewing the compliance of commercial practices applied by dominant undertakings with competition rules;
  • drafting and application of a competition compliance programme;
  •  advising on merger control, including legal representation for merger notification of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic;
  •  representing in proceedings concerning potential dominant position abuse before the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic or the European Commission;
  •  representing in proceedings concerning a potential agreement restricting competition before the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic or the European Commission;
  •  we are ready to give you urgent legal assistance in the event of a dawn raid organised by the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic or the European Commission;
  • advising on lenience programmes, i.e., whistleblowing of a cartel agreement in exchange for immunity from fines.

SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS also advises on unfair competition and regulation of network industries.

We are well suited to advise you on public procurement issues:

  • advising contracting authorities and entities in the preparation, progress and evaluation of the public procurement process, drafting contractual documents with the tender winner;
  •  advising candidates and tenderers in the public procurement process, drafting of tenders and documents, applying review procedures and presenting objections to the Office for Public Procurement.

In addition to transactional legal advice, we represent our clients in litigation related to these practice areas.



Delivering comprehensive data protection advice and updating security documentation for a private security company with nationwide operations in Slovakia.

Preparing security documentation for a multinational independent financial agent and its pool organisation.

Representing a national sports federation in connection with inspection by the Personal Data Protection Office.