Labour law

SEMANČÍN  & PARTNERS offers comprehensive labour law advice, be it on the side of employers or employees, managers or senior executive staff.

Our work in labour law typically includes:

  • drafting employment and related contracts for employees of all levels, from the rank and file up to most senior executives;
  • drafting working rules and other policies;
  • advising on various forms of remuneration;
  • advising on the termination of employment;
  • advising on agency employment and employee assignment to user employers;
  • advising on the employment of foreign nationals;
  • drawing up codes of ethics; introduction of whistleblowing policies; acting as external data protection officer;
  • personal data protection in employment relations;
  • advising on the application and observance of the principles of equality and equal treatment (protection against bossing and harassment);
  • representing clients in employment disputes.


Representing a client on multiple occasions in the course of tax proceedings, as well as throughout pre-trial proceedings in connection with tax crimes.

Representing a client at pre-trial proceedings and at the main trial in connection with crimes related to damage to another person’s property.

Representing a client in connection with the distribution of assets included in community property, including representation in a related criminal trial.