Data protection and information security

Data is the driving force of today’s information economy. Fast and inexpensive data transfers have opened up a brandnew world of opportunity. However, they also mean new risks arising at a rocket speed. Personal data breach, identity theft, hefty fines, governmental control, loss of consumer trust – all of these are threats to organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, all around the world.

Data protection and information security are among the core practice areas of SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS. We are represented in the largest international organisation of privacy professionals, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

We have given data protection advice to more than 200 clients from a wide range of industries, including finance, energy, construction, automotive and roads administration, defence and IT industries, real estate market or tourism organisations, healthcare providers, hotels and professional associations, public sector organisations, culture and media outlets, employers and other client-oriented companies, from large multinationals all the way down to local operators.
We draw on Slovak law, EU law and on state-of-the-art knowledge of information security to deliver comprehensive and highly professional data protection and information security advice.

We are well placed to offer:

  • audits of the level of personal data protection and information security;
  • security projects for filing systems;
  • cross-border transfers of personal data within EEC and to third countries, firm corporate policies or standard contractual clauses;
  • agreements on personal data processing and transfer, agreements between data controllers and data processors;
  •  data controller’s information duty, advice to data subjects on their rights and other declarations against data subjects in online activities;
  • drafting of consents with personal data processing;
  • advising entitled persons who process personal data;
  •  representing clients in the special registration of filing systems (such as biometric attendance system, CCTV system) and in notifications of filing systems with the Personal Data Protection Office;
  • representing in proceedings before the Personal Data Protection Office in cases of inspections and in proceedings concerning personal data protection (after going through a number of such inspections with our clients we are aware of the inspectors’ focus and procedure);
  •  assistance with processing of complaints and motions filed by data subjects and help in cases of data breach;
  •  advising oin the implementation or change of technical, personnel and organisational measures to safeguard the protection of personal data;
  •  services of an external data protection officer;
  • training and courses on personal data protection.

We also represent our clients in litigations and arbitrations that concern data protection and information security.


Acting as an entitled person for a grammar school.

Advice in connection with inherited farm land.

Advising and representing a client in connection with the declaration of the nullity of a disinheritance deed.