Litigation and arbitration

Slovak procedural law is undergoing far-reaching and sweeping reform. The position of a judge is set to be stronger in terms of hearing a case. Parties to a dispute will also enjoy more significant status, as they and their legal counsel will have more control over the dispute. The parties will also be responsible for establishing and adducing evidence within the time limit set by the court.

Our law firm offers you advice on civil procedural law in adversarial proceedings, non-adversarial proceedings and administrative justice, as well as in arbitral proceedings held before arbitration courts.

  • We will, in particular:analyse the facts and law of the case;
  • propose a procedural strategy;
  • help you propose and secure the necessary evidence;
  • represent you in adversarial and non-adversarial proceedings;
  • prepare and negotiate out-of-court settlements;
  • help you in connection with execution;
  • represent you in proceedings before an arbitration court.

Unless the relevant statutory limit set for the client to file an extraordinary remedy (a claim for reopening a case, an appeal, a motion to a general prosecutor for filing a general prosecutor’s appeal) has expired, we will advise also at the procedural stage after the relevant decision of the competent court becomes final.